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Sony HXC-FB75KC SD HD Studio Camera


Brand: Sony

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Product Description:

Sony is particularly known for its gadgets with the touch of new and innovative technology. That is why to mark its presence again in the market of Dubai, UAE; Sony is back with its phenomenal Sony hxc fb75kc camera. At first glance, you will find the look of this camera ordinary, but when you start exploring its features, you will realize that it is much more than you have imagined in almost every way. The brand has introduced an ideal solution for HD & SD live production by delivering better quality and performance for live production. Carrying amazing features, this camera is affordable and equipped with three 2/3 inches full HD Exmor CMOS sensors for providing amazing and excellent sensitivity along with low noise ratio for better and clear pictures. Its focus assist function will let you enjoy smooth and precise focusing with the option of latest viewfinder. Along with all these features, you will also get video/audio and control signal transmission. One more addition to the camera which is actually catchy and noteworthy is that it can be easily controlled from a CCU panel and remote controller. To more about this amazing and worthy camera, keep scrolling…

Picture Perfect Quality Through Its Lens

The main role of a camera is to provide you amazing photographs with high quality video. But this camera is certainly bit ahead by delivery stunning picture quality with clear and sound video. It is a 3-chip 2/3 inch type CMOS pickup device with effective picture elements which comes under the resolution of 1920x 1080. This model has signal format for both HD and SD video content injected with spectrum system and F1.4 prism system. It also has Lens mount with Sony 2/3 type bayonet mount and built-in filters. But if we talk about Canon, it is a brand that offers camera in almost every budget. Its Canon Rebel SL2/EOS 200 D is certainly amazing carrying 24 MP to give a new life to your photos. Among all these features, it also has sensitivity at 2000 Ix, 3200K, 89.9% reflectance with a signal-to-noise ration. It also has modulation depth carrying HD at 45% or higher at 27.5 MHz with a horizontal resolution of 1000 TV lines or higher. Apart from that, it has impressive shutter speed to make you click photographs with clarity without missing even a second of moment. Its shutter speed is basically divided into two formats, one is basic shutter speed carrying 59.94i mode and 50i mode and another one is slow shutter with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8- frame accumulation that is only compatible for HD1080 mode.

Easy Cable Connection

With this camera, you will get Hybrid-type fibre cable connection to CCU which will extend easy and efficient signal transmission with power supply to 350m. When connected to the HXCU-FB70, its hybrid type optical fibre cable with Neutric connector helps in extending signal transmission to the device. The process of signal transmission will be much better when there is power supply of up to 350m. Apart from this, there is one more surprise with HXC camera. You can control your camera fully through a user-friendly operational panel especially designed to work with the HXC series.

Viewfinder and Microphone

This amazing camera comes up with digital HD viewfinder layered with HD lens and monaural microphone. It is been packaged with the HDVF-L10 3.5 inches QHD color LCD monocular viewfinder. With the amalgamation of these features supplied to the camera, thus offers better and convenient focusing while capturing something or recording any moment. With the introduction of LCD viewfinder, you will be able to get more precise photographs and images. Nikon’s all new Nikon Z6 camera is also worthy enough to get all the praises as it is absolute mirror less whereas Nikon Z7 is a full frame camera to choose from. Both of these cameras are giving touch fight to Sony hxc fb75kc. Apart from that the camera in Sony hxc fb75kc is also supplied with a portable HD 20x zoom lens. It’s an advantage as with zoom lens you task on focusing on far sighted detailing will become easy and sharp. Not just that it is also provided with electret condenser microphone. With this microphone, audio noise will be negotiable and the quality of sound will be better and clear. Accurate mix of its LCD viewfinder and microphone will let you record better quality recording with less audio noise of the surrounding. People in Dubai, UAE can grab this amazing camera with good and noteworthy features.

Image Controller to Offer Best Virtual Outcome

Sony hxc fb75kc camera has a wide range of image control functions to choose from. That is why, the system camera is full of creative and innovative image control functions to bring out the best virtual outcome. It has MultiMatri, Low Key Saturation, Knee Saturation and auto lens aberration compensation with the best features. With low key saturation, you can easily adjust color saturation in low light areas. It also helps in boasting up the color saturation of an object or an image to the fullest according to your needs and requirement. Apart from that, using its skin tone detail, you can soften the face and features. All in all, this camera is absolutely worthy enough to become your professional friendly camera giving a lot of benefits and amazing photographs and videos.

Transmission Up to 10 KM with Fibre Cable

Along with other distinct features, this camera also comes as a surprise by giving you long distance transmission of up to 10 KM with single mode fibre cable. You can access the connection with a single mode fibre cable in which transmission can extend up to 10km only if you are using a local power supply. Sometimes, in many facilities, the SMF has already laid as an infrastructure. With its help, the camera also enables you to install the system quickly and easily.

Lens that Creates Magic

It has focal length of around 8.2mm to 164mm with the facility of zooming in. Apart from that, it also has servo/manual selectable mode with zoom ratio of around 20x. If you are looking forward to its maximum relative aperture, then it has 1:19 carrying iris with auto/manual selectable mode. It also has Filter thread with M82 mm with 0.75m pitch and it also has macro having switchable on/off. Even Panasonic Lumix G80/G85 also carries good Micro Four Thirds Lens to make the clicking experience better with perfect detailing.

Input and Output that Attracts

Talking about its audio, then it has two audio tracks, one is audio 1IN and another one is audio 2 IN with an earphone stereo minijack. Moving on towards its DC input, it has XLR-type 4 pin(x1), DC 10.5 V to 17 V supported by DC Output of 4 pin (1), DC 10.5 V to 17 V, 1.5 A (max). This camera carries Prompter/Genlock with BNC(x1), HD-SDI or SD-SDI selectable with test output. It is also carried by Optical fiber(x1), CCFN cable or Single Mode Fiber Cable (LC type) with distance of power supply by CCFN Sony Hybrid Type Fiber Cable with Portable Lens Installed. If we talk about its Distance of Single Mode Fiber Cable, it is supported by HVCU-FB70 by Single Mode Fiber Cable with local power supply. All in this entire camera is absolutely suitable to let you capture breathtaking photographs along with recording good video with less audio noise.

If you are in Dubai, UAE, then buying this camera will help you in delivering outstanding result. Looking beyond Sony, if you want to explore other options in camera, then Nikon is very much in the league to choose from. Its new mirror less camera is somehow going to catch your absolute attention. You can choose from its Nikon Z6 or Nikon Z7 series of mirror less camera, giving you more authority to capture high range photographs with better clarity. It also has digital SLR camera. Also, you can choose its variety of lenses according to your requirement. On the contrary, Canon is also famous when it comes to camera. It has interchangeable Lens camera along with digital compact cameras to choose from. It has 2 new camera series recently launched. You can choose either Canon PowerShot SX70 HS or Canon PowerShot SX740 HS, both are new and are good to go camera with reasonable price tag.

Key Features of Sony Hxc fb75kc

  • Full HD Exmor CMOS sensors
  • Servo/manual selectable mode with zoom ratio of around 20x
  • Distance transmission of up to 10km
  • HDVF-L10 3.5 inches QHD color LCD monocular viewfinder

Improvement Areas of Sony Hxc fb75kc

  • Little bit costly


Sony HXC-FB75KC SD HD Studio Camera overview

  • The Sony HXC-FB75KC SD HD Studio C Digital cameras is manufactured by Sony and was added here around 9th Apr 2017 and is the part of the Sony HXC-FB75KC SD HD Studio C series.
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Sony HXC-FB75KC SD HD Studio Camera Specification:

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