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Nikon D5300


Brand: Nikon

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Product Description:

The high-end DSLR camera, Nikon D5300 marks its place amidst Nikon D3200 and the top-notch D7100 cameras of the brand. The camera provides enhanced physical controls, an articulated rear LCD and a 24 MP sensor. It offers the best quality images with its top-notch NIKKOR lenses and high-end picture control technology. With the camera, taking beautiful pictures is easy. Boasting of six unique picture control settings and built-in Wi-Fi system, it assists you capturing sharing all your beautiful moments conveniently. It features an innovatively designed pentamirror with enhanced approximately 0.82x magnification and Vari-angle LCD monitor. The camera is lightweight and easy to hold, ensuring proper grip and comfort while shooting videos or taking snaps. More durable and compact, it can be your perfect companion to capture all beautiful moments. One of the latest digital cameras, it comes in three exciting colors- black, red and gray.

Top-notch image quality guaranteed

Now you can ensure high image quality as the camera offers the ideal combination of NIKKOR lenses, picture control technology, image processing engine and image sensor. The sharpness of the camera is unmatched, thanks to an extremely high pixel count. One of the best selling digital cameras, it attains incredible smooth, rich details and sharp natural skin tones. The newly developed state-of-the-art Nikon DX format CMOS image sensor is one of the prime contributors of superior quality. Using it, you can always ensure amazing details and color. Coming towards preservation of your most memorable moments, Nikon D5300 delivers both details and colors, ensuring an edge over Nikon D5200.

Stunning picture control and unmatched optical quality

The camera comes with six unique picture control settings namely landscape, portrait, monochrome, vivid, neutral and standard. It offers more beautiful and refined images, thanks to the enhanced color reproduction of EXPEED 4 image processing engine. Now users get the power of manually adjusting contrast or sharpness and can even confirm the effects during live view. When it comes to the optical quality, you can select form a wide array of NIKKOR lenses for acquiring the creative look you wish for. NIKKOR lenses are trusted by large numbers of prominent professional photographers across the globe, offering unparalleled definition and sharpness just like Nikon D5600. Discover the most attractive digital camera offer online for Nikon D5300.

Share all your beautiful moments easily and beautifully

With the built in Wi-Fi system of the camera, you can ensure quick and effective picture sharing. You do not need any attachments or wires, just use your smart device and camera, instantly select the images which you want to share with your friends and send them to your tablet or mobile. There is also a facility of transferring the images wirelessly without any interruptions while shooting. Share your shot images over social media sites and instantly attract the attention of the viewers and gain likes with one of the latest cameras. The high-end camera makes it easy to share beautiful moments while they are still fresh! If you wish to purchase a low cost camera that offers beautiful picture quality, you can choose Pentax K-70 from a reputed camera store in Dubai, UAE

Enhance the fun via freezing beautiful moments

The camera comes with high-end D-SLR optical viewfinder, allowing you to see the subjects in real time and without any unwanted delay. It features an innovatively desgined pentamirror with enhanced approximately 0.82x magnification, maintaining about 95 percent frame coverage, providing you an accurate and clear view for shooting conveniently. Whatever the light conditions, you can take beautiful shots and clearly view the objects. Using your eye on the viewfinder, you can easily support the camera and eradicate camera shake. What more, you can even track fast moving objects and take refined and crystal clear pictures. Find prominent digital prominent shops and acquire the best deals on Nikon D5300 and other cameras like Canon 770 SLR and Rebel T6i.

Vari-angle LCD monitor at your disposal

Often, the ideal angle for a shot may not be at the eye level, but with large numbers of camera, it is hard to compose from a low or high perspective. If you want exceptionally unique point of view, it is time to try the vari-angle LCD monitor of NIKON D5300. The wide 8.1-cm/3.2-in., about 1037k-dot extremely sharp and vibrant LCD monitor can flip up and down from +180° to -90° and opens horizontally from 0° to 180°. So, now you can shoot as comfortably above a crowd as you can capture images or make videos from close to ground level, all the while seeing the full images displayed across the full screen. To grab the best deals in Dubai, UAE, you can compare the features of Nikon D5300 with other camera like Canon EOS 750D and PowerShot SX280 HS. Also know the latest camera offer to make an informed decision.

Capture creative expressions, anytime anywhere

With Nikon D5300, there is no need to carry your camcorder. The high performance video camera can capture full HD movies at 1920x1080 that are compatible with 50p/60p. This means that you can always ensure refined, smooth and comfortable recording, even with fast moving objects. The EXPEED 4 image processing engine and CMOS image sensor work together, delivering sharp movie images with low noisy in any light condition. The authentic D-SLR design of the camera makes it easy to hold and you can conveniently position yourself safely at the time of handheld shooting. Wide range of sharp and dependable NIKKOR lenses, minimized camera shakes and steady handheld shooting offers you the ideal recipe to shoot innovative movies, even if you are a novice in this field. Purchase it from renowned online digital camera shops and also find the best deals on other cameras like Canon EOS 800D.

Unique design adding colors to your life

The camera is designed for an exciting and on-the-go life. As compared to Nikon D5200, the internal design structure of Nikon D5300 is lighter, more durable and compact. It comes with improved grip, making it easy for you to hold the camera body steadily for both live video shooting and viewfinder shooting, eliminating unnecessary camera shakes and enhancing image sharpness. You can select from different gray, red or black models for matching your style. Use a camera comparison site to find attractive deals and compare the specifications with others cameras such as EOS 7D and 77D. Get the list of digital camera shops as well to discover the best camera store near you!

Let us now discuss some of the vital features of the camera:

  • Lightweight
  • Unique designs
  • Ensuring the capture of unique expressions
  • Vari-Angle LCD monitor
  • Six unique picture control settings
  • State-of-the-art image quality

Nikon D5300 Faqs

What is RAW support? Does the Nikon D5300 come with RAW support?

This is an Adobe camera feature which enables you to import images taken from different cameras into one of the Adobe applications in order to enhance them as per your choice. Few noteworthy Adobe applications for RAW camera support are Lightroom, After Effects, Photoshop Elements, and Bridge. Also, the Nikon D5300 comes with RAW support.

Does the Nikon come with weather sealing?

Weather sealing helps protect your expensive camera from rain, wind, dirt, and dust. This is some kind of internal protection that blocks above mentioned elements which may harm the electronics in your camera. However, this is completely different from water resistance and waterproofing. And yes, the Nikon D5300 has weather sealing.

Can you tell me what is the maximum ISO for this camera?

The maximum ISO of Nikon D5300 is 12800.

What does built-in Wi-Fi on Nikon D5300 do?

This built-in feature of D5300 helps you upload images automatically to your computer from any location in the presence of the internet connection.

What does Full Frame camera mean? Is Nikon D5300 a Full Frame camera?

Yes, the Nikon-D5300 is a Full Frame camera which boasts of a sensor size that is equivalent to the frame size of a traditional 35mm film.

What does a built-in GPS do in Nikon D5300 camera?

A Built-in GPS feature of this camera adds EXIF data to the photo files, thus allows you to add location to your pictures at which you are capturing or shooting your images.

What is the role of touch screen on D5300?

This feature increases the practical usability of your gadget via allowing photographers to tap on images to focus and swipe to bring advance options. Some other important functions of this feature include setting off self-timers, writing or drawing on images, and tapping to shoot.

I am facing problems in pairing my device with SnapBridge Ver 2.0.1 and Ver 2.0.2. What to do?

If this situation occurs, do as directed below:
  • Search a Back button on the top left corner then tap it
  • Now, press Skip
  • Wait until camera establishes a connection with the SnapBridge
  • Now, you can use the functionality on your Nikon model

How to connect my camera to SnapBridge 360/170 app over Wi-Fi connectivity?

Here is the procedure, go through it:
  • Go to the Settings
  • Tap on Camera SSID
  • Press Wi-Fi in iOS

What if the default Wi-Fi password has been changed?

The default Wi-Fi password is NikonKeyMission which can be changed anytime. If you forget your new password, you can follow the below process to know the current password:
  • Head to Camera Settings
  • Click on Network Menu
  • Touch Wi-Fi
  • Press Current Settings

Can I avail live technical support from Nikon authorized center to resolve issues with my Nikon D5300 camera?

Yes, you can talk to the customer care representative at an authorized Nikon camera service center near you from 9:30 am to 6:00 PM on any of the working days.

Does this camera come with Autofocus?

Yes, the D5300 flexes an advanced autofocus system that helps the device to easily and instantly recognize what is in the frame. This way, the camera can take sharp pictures quickly.

Nikon D5300 overview

  • The Nikon D5300 Digital cameras is manufactured by Nikon and was added here around 9th Apr 2017 and is the part of the Nikon D5300 series.
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  • Nikon D5300 specification are:

Nikon D5300 Specification:

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