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Canon Powershot G7 X


Brand: Canon

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Product Description:

Canon Powershot G7 X

The all-new Canon Powershot G7 X is the perfect choice for all those who want DSLR like capabilities in a compact sized camera. This device is getting popular day by day because of its one-Inch large sensor that is capable of producing excellent images. This way, the G7 X model becomes an excellent alternative to huge DSLRs which you can fit into your pocket. It is just like packing enormous power, great control, and DSLR-like image quality into a tiny body. Precisely, it’s a 20.2 million pixels one-inch sensor that is back illuminated by nature. Inside the device, to run the show, here is also present powerful Digic 6 processing engine. In contrast, Canon G16 and Powershot S120 fit a small sensor than that of the model being reviewed here. Again, this fixed lens on G7 X flexes a versatile range from 8.8 to 8.36mm optic, thus, allows a photographer to click great looking interior shots and high precision portraits. What else, with its nine blade aperture, the lens is also capable of emulating some Bokeh effect on the images. This also means that shutterbugs can gain great control over depth of field and use fast shutter speed even in the low lighting situations. Designed for professionals, the camera lets you use your device like a pro and you can shoot in manual mode, shutter priority mode, and aperture priority mode. To help budding photographers the device also has automatic options. Else, 3-Inches screen doubles as viewfinder and has many shortcut buttons on its one side. Again it is a touch screen and lets you gain control over camera while taking selfies. Alternatively, the device comes loaded with NFC and Wi-Fi Technology for fast sharing of images aside from being capable of using a cell phone’s GPS system for geotagging the photographs. Also, this superb pocket-sized camera is available for sale on various camera online shopping websites across UAE.

Comes in User-Friendly, Compact Build

It’s only 304grams heavy and presents itself in 103 X 60.4 X 40.4mm measurements. By comparison, it’s slightly bulkier than S120 model but it looks like even slimmer and sleeker than Canon G1 X Mark II and many other devices from Canon G-series. Again it has made many modifications on its tiny lineament to be more user-friendly, for instance, it includes a mode dial on its top plate, just below the Exposure compensation dial. Both of these dials fall under your thumb and forefinger, making it super easy to do the necessary adjustments quickly. The Canon Powershot G7 X also comes with a control ring around its lens. This ring is very useful for setting shadow correction, dynamic range, manual focus, aspect ratio, white balance, sensitivity, and focal length. However, if the default mode is set, you need to press the Ring Function button to bring forth any of the above settings. Moreover, the device comes completed with a 3-Inches LCD display which facilitates easy viewing of images being captured in dark. However, under the bright sunlight, it becomes hard to see on the screen for adjusting the settings. It is because display becomes highly reflective in the bright light. Absence of the viewfinder is the biggest design flaw and you will have to do with its reflective screen. In contrast, Sony RX100 III has an in-built viewfinder. Else, the display is super resistant to fingerprints and smudges, making the surface neat and clean for easy previewing of images. The monitor is also a touch responsive in nature and responds promptly so that you can easily control the device. In short, it is an easy to use device that also looks nice in hands. You can buy it from one of the notable online shops for camera in Dubai.

Emerges as Excellent Performer

Canon Powershot G7 X produces excellent images that generally, don’t need post-processing. Images taken at lower sensitivity settings look good with lots of fine details. But, if you want to see them at 100%, for example at ISO400 and higher, luminance noise starts to appear on pictures. As a result, areas where very fine details are present, look washed out. Likewise, JPEG images taken at ISO6400 lose fine details and look quite soft. Sony Cyber-shot RX10 IV and Sony Cyber-shot RX 100 V use huge focal range and are highly capable in clicking great pictures at a varied ISO range. Though, both of these models are very expensive gadgets that aren’t meant for everyone. Again, general metering system of this device is also commendable, brings excellent results most of the times. The only issue is in extreme contrast situations exposure, may shift. On the other hand, automatic white balance system in the camera works wonderfully. However, if the images are taken in the artificial lighting scenarios, some of the shots may look rather warm. To correct this error, you need to adjust the custom white balance settings. Talking about, G7 X’s AF system, in bright daylight, it is found to be fast and accurate. In darker conditions, this system work well, however, in extremely low lighting situations the system fails to do the job. All in all, this is a great device which gives photographers great control over white balance and noise control. Certainly, it is a nice option to a DSLR or CSC. You can carry it in your pocket or purse and leave for a great day out. However, lack of a viewfinder is seen as a biggest flaw here, excellent LCD screen provides you with good preview of images taken in the dark. Again, this Canon device is easily available on various online camera shops in Dubai. From one such shop, you can get the device at a bargain price as such e-shops are famous for their great camera deals from time to time.

Main Features of Canon Powershot G7 X

  • One-Inch sensor in a compact body
  • Attractive, robust build,
  • Great control over noise, colour, and white balance
  • Fast shutter speed
  • Large aperture for depth of field

Least Features of Canon Powershot G7 X

  • Lacking viewfinder
  • Screen can only be tilted
  • Widest focal length remains at f/1.8 aperture  

Canon Powershot G7 X overview

  • The Canon Powershot G7 X Digital cameras is manufactured by Canon and was added here around 9th Apr 2017 and is the part of the Canon Powershot G7 X series.
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  • Canon Powershot G7 X specification are:

Canon Powershot G7 X Specification:

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