Canon vs Nikon DSLR Cameras – What’s Better For You?

insights August 31, 2017

One question haunts in everybody’s mind while purchasing a DSLR – which is better Canon or Nikon? No doubt, both of the companies make excellent DSLRs – Digital Single Lens Reflex. Depending on your needs, you can choose the best model, each company has many decades of experience to create quality products. They make a wide variety of products ranging from multi-million  dollar optical systems to fully professional cameras. Which one is best actually depends on what do you want from your camera. Canon brings full-frame and high end APS-C cameras and Nikon is giving a tough competition to Canon cameras or we can say DSLRs.

History says Nikon was the leader in the DSLR industry when they launched Nikon D1 in 1999. Canon joined the race in the year 2008 with the launch of Canon 5DS. Behind, Nikon’s top model was D700. Canon brings 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III in the year 2008 and 2012 respectively. At the same time, Nikon’s D800 and D800E were launched in the market and offered more pixels, but auto focus controls were missing. Undoubtedly, Canon 5D Mark III was better than Nikon’s best DSLR. In the year 2016, Canon’s latest model was 7D Mark II and 5DS – perfect in terms of ergonomics and usability.

Nikon’s D810 is the best consumer DSLR today, but is it not better than D800E, excluding speed. D810 has the same mediocre ergonomics and LCD, whereas Canon’s 5DS, 5DSR and 7D MK II models keep on introducing new features and allow customers to click better pictures. If you compare Nikon and Canon, you will find a lot of similarities in terms of image quality and several accessories. Still, there is a lot of difference too. Let’s talk about the differences in details:

Sensors or Megapixels

Nikon and Canon come with the same sized sensors, but it is all about the image quality than the size of the sensor. Nikon’s latest cameras come with a new sensor design that eliminates the optical low pass filter. It allows DSLR to capture more details and perform a bit better even in low light. All of the Nikon’s 2015 models are missing this feature. When it comes to the Canon, all the DSLRs are designed to focus on the megapixels. Most of the models of Canon come with optical low filter feature.

One of the best Canon’s DSLR comes with 50 megapixels – EOS 5DS R. It has the capacity to capture 8688 x 5792 resolution. On the other hand, Nikon’s D810 comes with 36 megapixels that capture 7360 x 4912. Both DSLRs capture amazing pictures, but you can’t ignore that they are two different cameras of course.


Canon and Nikon are good with the speed of their autofocus, still there is a difference between burst speed rates. Canon’s cameras are known for their faster high end speed. EOS 7D Mark II has excellent 10 fps burst rate, which makes it one of the best DSLRs for sports shooters. Apart, Nikon’s fastest camera comes with the capability of 6 fps – D7200. Similarly, Canon’s full frame 1D X is able to hit 14 fps, whereas Nikon’s D4S can hit 11 fps. When we talk about the entry-level and budget-friendly models, Nikon performs better.


Both brands deliver excellent performance, but you will find a minor difference when you operate each camera. Nikon offers simpler terminology for autofocus modes. It is easy to remember what is Continuous Autofocus than AI Servo Autofocus. Both brands come with Continuous Autofocus feature, but there is a difference in battery life. Nikon’s cameras allow you to take more shots than Canon’s models. No doubt, Nikon has a better battery rating.

Video Quality

For many decades, Canon has offered better video quality. They developed a hybrid autofocus system that allows cameras to refocus along with the recording. They bring an amazing selection of lenses that are specifically designed for video. If someone would ask which brand delivers better video quality two years ago, then the answer would be Canon. Today, Nikon offers some cameras that come with a 60 fps frame rate, whereas the Canon has 30 fps. Canon delivers better video quality, but Nikon is giving equal challenge with their latest models.


If you are looking for the most innovative DSLRs, then Canon will serve you better. Nikon’s D810A is designed for astrophotography, whereas Canon has a smaller APS-C sensor. In case of an entry-level DSLRs, the selection of Canon does not match up with Nikon’s models. Canon’s T6S is quite similar with Nikon D7200, but they are slightly different from each other. Nikon’s model comes with 51 autofocus points, 60 fps HD video, 1,100 shot battery life. On the other hand, T6S has 19 focus points, 30 fps HD video, and half the battery life. Both models have no optical low pass filter feature.

Canon Vs Nikon: What to Consider Before Buying?

  • What is more important for you? Whether it is a Speed, Resolution or Video Quality?
  • Which manufacturer or brand offers DSLR within your budget?
  • What type of lenses you want to add to your kit? Does your manufacturer offer such type of lenses?

Which one is best? 

Buying a DSLR is different from buying a compact camera. If you want to take your photography to the next level, then it is the right time to invest in lenses. Although, it is quite expensive to choose the best DSLR. Both Canon and Nikon offer amazing cameras along with better image quality. If one brand offers better camera, then other offers more affordable options along with quality features. When it comes to selecting the best brand, it is essential to compare each camera, like, Nikon brings excellent entry-level DSLR, whereas Canon offers better DSLR for sports.

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