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Android Smartphone vs Apple iPhone: Decide What To Buy?

insights July 28, 2017

Are you willing to buy a new phone, but confused in selecting between Android and iOS. Well, android phones are becoming cooler, popular and more useful. We all value for money and desire to buy something that is truly useful, and Android phones deliver a better deal as compared to the iPhone. Although, there are plenty of features available in iPhone, which are missing in Android phones, still iPhone is defeated by Android phones in the last six months. Do you want to know how? Well, most of the iOS users have realized that their device is not that exciting anymore. It is not as useful as it was. It is not able to run most of the beautiful software. So, people have replaced their iPhone with Android phones.

Let’s compare both devices to help you decide what to buy:

 Android vs iOS: Hardware

Android phones are available in plenty of screen sizes, while iPhone comes in three or four models with screen sizes ranging from 4 inches to 5.5 inches. For example, iPhone SE has 4 inches, whereas iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 7 Plus come in 5.5 inch. Most of the Android phones have better cameras than iPhones.

Additionally, you will find several features like NFC, heart-rate monitors and expandable storage in Android that are missing in the iPhone. You can go for more storage options in iPhone as well, but Apple charges a lot for models with 128GB. When it comes to Android Phones, you can get extra storage by inserting a MicroSD card. No need to worry about where to store apps, videos, music and other files. You will surely get excellent performance along with extra storage, without paying much.

Android vs iOS: Software

No doubt, Android and iOS are the best mobile operating system. Some prefer to choose iOS, whereas some think that Android is the best. There are several differences in both operating systems. Check out here:

Home screens

On iPhone, you can put several apps in folders and search for them, but you cannot customize your home screens. On the other hand, Android phones offer much more freedom. You can arrange your apps and shove all apps in the app tray.

Virtual Assistant

iPhones come with Siri, whereas Android phones come with Google Now. You can use Google Now and Siri to set alarms, reminders, get directions, send messages and emails, and much more. Undoubtedly, Siri performs better job and provides excellent virtual assistance by understanding all the tasks effectively.


Apple is highly known for providing excellent security and privacy. It secures your entire ecosystem, including hardware and software. It also reduces the chances of downloading buggy or malicious apps. Plus, you can get good legal support and secure updates for many years.

On the other hand, Android phones are also secured. Latest versions are available with 6.0 Marshmallow and full-disk encryption, but previous versions may not support this. They are more vulnerable, which makes it more attractive to cyber criminals, but you can easily protect your Android device by installing anti-virus apps from the Google Play store.


In Android phones, you can install software from several sources, but you cannot install anything that is absent in the iPhone’s App Store. You can connect your Android device to your PC and view, copy and delete files. Moreover, you can easily transfer videos, music and documents from your computer. Connecting your iPhone to your PC is similar to the connecting a digital camera to PC. You can only copy photos and videos. Also, you can add music, videos and other files using iTunes.


iPhones are just expensive than Android phones. iPhone SE 4 inch model is the cheapest iOS device, which may be available at $400, while iPhone 7 Plus will cost around $650. The cheapest Android phones range from $240 to $300. One of the amazing Android phones, Samsung Galaxy S8, will run you around $700. You can choose any device according to your budget as well.

Apple’s Pros

  • Hardware and software controlled by Apple
  • Excellent Support
  • Curated app store
  • Great performance


  • Storage cannot be expanded
  • Walled-garden ecosystem
  • Less control over the device

Android’s Pros

  • Multiple app stores
  • Great customization options
  • Amazing range


  • Patchy support
  • Chances of malware
  • Vulnerability and less control over apps

Which one is better?

Depending upon your needs and priorities, you can choose your new phone, whether it is Android or iPhone. If you want to purchase an iPhone, then your budget should be strong. You can go for a second hand iPhone if your budget is less and you only want to have an Apple device in your hand. iPhone performs very well with iPad and Macs. If your friend or family member has iPad or MacBook, then they will guide you better. You can also go for Apple Watch for better control or safe ecosystem.

On the other hand, if you want a Google Wear watch, then you can choose an Android phone. Most of the manufacturers like Samsung have created amazing android phones to help you get the best experience. If you want to customize your device, then choosing an Android device is the best decision as it is more flexible, useful and even affordable.

iPhones are easy to use and come with handy features like Siri, virtual assistance, while Android phones are perfect for those who want more options. Android phones are available in different sizes, shapes and colors than iPhones. Additionally, they are budget-friendly and affordable than iOS-powered devices that are available in the market.

How comparing before buying is great? 

Before buying a smartphone, it is better to compare the specifications and prices online. Many online comparison websites allow you to make comparisons and choose the best phone without any hassle. You can not only compare the specs or prices, but also contact online retailers directly and place an order. Shop your new phone with confidence.

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